Devacurl Wave Maker Touchable Texture Whip

Devacurl Wave Maker

Devacurl Wave Maker Review:
Devacurl wave maker is a light weight, whipped formula that gives a soft touchable, wavy texture to your hair all day long. This is the light airy whip that gives a consistent waves and frizz control every time you use it. After usage the Hair is left feeling smooth, healthy looking and delicately scented. It is a curl enhancer and holds the waves in place for hours. But does it work?
What is Devacurl Wave Maker?
Devacurl wave maker is a light and airy whip formulated with moringa seeds and passion flower extracts. It gives consistent natural looking curls that last all day. The devacurl wave maker touchable texture whip gives  your hair a natural and smooth feeling when touched and gives a feeling of having nothing in your hair. It gives a wavy and curly texture to your hair and keeps it soft at the same time, not stiff like hair sprays. The passion flower extract gives hair a pleasant and sweet scent. It is cruelty-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, silicone-free product and extremely safe product.
How Devacurl Wave Maker Works?
The Devacurl wave maker gives the best results when used with Devacurl low-poo, a mild shampoo more of a cleanser, and conditioner. Together theye give volume to your hair after wash and does not weigh it down into limps. After using conditioner, use a small quantity of the Devacurl and massage it into your hair with your hands, leave the scalp, and focus on the tips of your hair. After massaging the wave maker equally throughout your hair, scrunch your hair with your hand thoroughly to make waves and curls that will stay and look natural. It doesn’t require use of any heating tool, curler, or hot rods.

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What to Expect When Using Devacurl Wave Maker?
The devacurl wave maker ingredients are mild for everyone’s use and not harmful. It contains passion fruit extracts that give the hair a pleasant long lasting fragrance. It is easy to use and can be used on dyed, treated, and long hair.
The Good:
  • It gives soft and smooth-feeling waves and curls to the hair
  • It is weightless and gives a feeling of having nothing in your hair.
  • It does not dry in a stiff form neither does it leave a hard stiff coat on your hair.
  • It gives a pleasant scent to your hair.
  • It is easy to use and does not require any heating tools. It can be air dyed.
The Bad:
  • Ÿ  Using the Devacurl wave maker for a long time may not give the best results.
  • It should be used with Devacurl products to obtain maximum results and soft looks.
  • It does not give great results on silky or treated straight hair.
  • It might leave your hair feeling stringy if you have very straight hair or very thin hair.
  • This product is designed only for curly or wavy hair.
About Devacurl:
Devacurl is a product brand by that was launched in 2002 by the Devachan salon. The Devachan salon has been famous for their devacut, signature curly hair cuts. It opened its first salon in New York City in 1994 and has since been opening many chain salons. It has also recently opened two devacut training academies for world class training and hair styling courses. The Devacurl has many successful and popular products along with Devacurl wave maker touchable texture whip, Devacurl low poo, Devacurl conditioner, Devacurl no-poo cleanser, and the Devafuser. It has a variety of products depending on the hair type.
Customer Service and Return Policy:
The customer service of Devacurl is great in providing answers to queries and all guidance for shipping, payment methods, charges, amount, order detail and much more. It provides a land line phone number that serves as a help line and answers all queries and problems. It also offers an email option for any further query. It provides domestic shipping of products as well as international shipping which includes the shipping charges.
For return of any product a time period of 60 days is given and the return form and link is provided in the product purchase confirmation email. Return shipment is free of delivery, the original shipping and handling charges are not refundable. The return and refund policy does not apply to the 25% final clearance sale. For further assistance customers can contact the customer service center.

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The Hairy Truth about Devacurl Wave Maker:
Our personal use and many other Devacurl wave maker reviews have provided positive and great results and comments about the product with minimum side effects and cons. The Devacurl wave maker is a great product to give hair a natural, bouncy, voluminous, wavy and curly look that is beach ready and great for summer looks. It gives a very soft and smooth feeling to touch and does not appear to form layers or film on the hair and damage it. It is light weight and non glossy. However this product is only meant for coarse and wavy hair and not for straight, natural or treated hair. For silky straight hair, it might leave them stringy and limp. For wavy hair of all sorts, it is a great product with less to no side effects and issues.