Pure Nano Streamer 3 in 1 for Daily Facial Care

Nano steamer 3 in 1 Review:
The nano steamer large 3 in 1 by pure daily care is a new steamer that combines the power of nano water particles and negatively charged ionic steam. It uses ionic particles and water particles to penetrate the skin more effectively and clear out blemishes and blackheads. The nano steamer is ranked as number 1 best seller among the facial steamers category. We used this nano steamer to find it out that what makes it unique and top rated?
What Is Nano Steamer ?
The nano steamer by Pure Daily Care is a facial steamer that targets stubborn black heads and blemishes and helps remove them to reveal clear skin. It uses both steam and an ultra sonic vaporizer that produces nano steam particles along with negatively charged water particles. This enhanced formulation makes the water particles and steam to penetrate the skin more easily and effectively. This deep penetration helps unclog pores, remove toxins, debris, blackheads and blemishes from under the skin. It comes with a five piece stainless steel skin care kit that includes surgical grade, precise black head and blemishes extractor for a perfectly clear skin.
How Nano Steamer Works?
Nano steamer directions are very simple and easy to follow. It has a 200ml water tub that provides a 30 minutes nonstop operation time. It is easy to use with its temperature control. It takes about 5 minutes to start producing steam and be operational. It has multi functional purpose and can be used to heat towels as a humidifier. Once the steam starts producing, bring your face in front of the nano steamer for steam to work evenly on your skin and open pores in the tough areas. After the steam has worked for about 10-15 minutes use the surgical grade instruments to clear the skin and pores once they are open. After which, remaining facial can be continued and mask can be applied to close the open pores.

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What To Expect When Using Nano Steamer 3 in 1:
Most of the skin care products do not show perfect results because the pores are clogged and the products cannot be absorbed to work efficiently. With nano steamer the pores are cleaned for the products to work better.
The Good:
  • It improves the blood circulation to the face and skin area, making it well nourished and plump.
  • It removes dead skin cells, and exfoliates debris along with dead skin.
  • It removes debris and toxins from within the skin and helps clean pores and blackhead efficiently.
  • It comes along with a free five surgical grade precise blackhead and blemish extractors.
  • The 200ml water tub works nonstop for about 30 minutes.
  • It is multi functional and works as a humidifier and to heat towels for facial use.

The Bad:
  • The strong and hot steam can cause burning sensation.
  • The steam nozzle is higher and needs to be kept in a lap or at low surface to work properly.
  • Steam produced can be different at times and not consistent.

About Pure Daily Care:
The Pure Daily Care is a company with a belief that beauty comes from within. The Pure Daily Care or PDC tested and researched for two years to combine the latest trends and technologies offered at spas and create products that provide clients the same experience at home. The Pure Daily Care produces health care, skin care and wellness products that deliver the best of products and experience to clients. The PDC products promote healthy skin from within and promote natural beauty.
Customer Service and Return Policy:
The customer care service by Pure Daily Care provides an emailing option to directly mail questions and queries. It also offers two emailing address for orders and payments and second for queries and problems. It provides a land line number that can be contacted in need of further assistance.
The Pure Daily Care Company however, does not offer refund time period or refund and return policies. Most of the information given on the company’s page is not in English and in some local language which is hard for customers to understand.

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The Hairy Truth about Nano Steamer by Pure Daily Care:
From the Nano steamer review we have concluded that it has many positive aspects and uses and one or two negative aspects depending on the user. The nano steamer is one of the best sellers in facial steamers category due to its multi functions and consistent steam deliverance. It has many beneficial uses and has received great appreciation from its customers and users. It improves the blood circulation to the skin, helps clear the skin toxins and blackheads without causing pain, or large open pores. It provides the spa like facial treatment at home. There is one drawback to this product and that is it does not come with a return or refund policy and cannot be returned to the company after it is purchased. This means that a careful consideration is required before buying the nano steamer.