Oribe Hair Care Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse &Thermal Protection

ORIBE Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse - Max Hair Thermal Protection

Oribe Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse Review:
Oribe hair plumping mousse is a hydrating mousse that provides fuller and softer hair all day long. It claims to provide hair body and thicker looking hair that are larger than life. To understand what does mousse do to your hair and in particular Oribe mouse that has won a number of beauty awards we tried it out to see if it is worth the hype.
What Is Oribe Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse?
It is a hair plumping mousse that gives hair a voluminous body and strength without being stiff or crunched up. It provides plump to the hair shaft thus holding it in place and being soft and invisible at the same time. It provides hair thermal protection all day long and from heating tools. It is great to add texture and volume to thin or limp hair and give them a natural looking bounce. The Oribe signature complex provides nourishment and protects hair from damaging effects of heat, oxidative stress, deterioration and photo-aging. It provides additional protection to natural keratin.
How Does Oribe Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse work?
Instructions on how to use mousse in your hair are given on every bottle of Oribe. Mousse is a foam textured material that needs air to form, which requires shaking of the can every time before using. Shake the can and work the mousse in your damp hair. Work in sections to add more volume and evenly distribute. Then blow hair up with your hands or to add extra volume blow dry. Volume can also be added by blowing in with a round brush after applying mousse.

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What To Expect When using Oribe Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse?
Hair mousse side effects should be kept in mind when looking for an ideal mousse according to your hair type and requirement. What works for one might not work equally well for another. The pros and cons should be weighed reasonably to come to a conclusion.
The Good:
  • It has an average price and is not very expensive.
  • It contains UV protection which shields hair from harmful sun rays and hair thermal protection.
  • Protects natural keratin and conditions as well as renews damaged hair.
  • Can be used with heating tools and blow drier.
The Bad:
  • It is not suitable for oily hair type, and can make them gooey and limp.
  • It is not very soft or invisible and can leave a thin film on hair.
  • Correct and professional application and blowing in of hair is necessary to attain maximum results.
About Oribe:
Oribe is a product line created by one of the most influential hair dressers of all time. It is a luxury hair product line. Oribe has been combining high class styling heritage and techniques with cutting edge innovation of modern world and incorporating it all in its products to provide best quality and sophisticated products. It offers luxury hair care products at a reasonable price for a beautiful and luxurious feel.
Customer Service And Return Policy:
Oribe provides great customer service which is responsible for its excellent results and love and trust from its customers along with exceptional products. It provides a 2-4 day delivery time and also offers a quick over the night delivery upon request. The customer service provides a land line number for any queries about the package or order. It also provides an emailing address for queries about order, return, products, and packaging. It provides customers the opportunity to track their packages and orders as well. In case of any further query a help line number is also provided.
Products can be return and refunded within the time limit of 30 days on online purchase and free return on all products and exchange policy is provided on store purchases. For online returns and refunds the USPS label should be included in the return package. For store purchases packing slip and card used for purchasing should be brought along with the product.

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The Hairy Truth About Oribe Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse:
Oribe has won many beaut awards due to its great response and reviews. We have also found Oribe grandiose hair plumping mousse very beneficial with maximum results. Hair mousse side effects that include damaging the hair or heating tools, drying hair shaft, cause split ends were not seen with Oribe hair mousse. Oribe hair plumping mousse is easy to use and has a light feel to it. It provides a natural bounce to hair without being visible that an effort was made. It gives natural volume and shine to hair while protecting it from harmful sun rays, deterioration, chemical damaging. It provides great hair thermal protection that many other mousse do not provide. The price is also reasonable and Oribe provides return policy of 30 days which is enough for a keep to return decision. It may not be a great product if your hair is very oily or if you haven’t washed your hair before applying that may affect its results. It is great for thin and straight hair to give them a beach bounce and volume of well nourished and cared for hair.