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Finishing Touch Flawless hair remover review:
Women experience unwanted hair in many areas of their body. Facial hairs are the most common concern for women who want to look flawless and beautiful everyday. Facial hair is natural but waxing and tweezing them out is a painful way that some women do not find effective at all. To understand women’s hair issue and to find a painless hair remover we came across finishing touch flawless women’s painless hair remover. We gave it a try to find out if it really is painless as it claims and is this going to be the latest trend in beauty and skincare industry.
What is Finishing Touch Flawless Hair Remover?
Finishing touch flawless is a hair removing device that provides easy and painless elimination of hair from any area of the body and is safe to use for facial hair as well. The hair removing device has a tiny rotating blade at the end of its head. It is maneuverable and can be used in hard to reach or very thin areas like upper lips, chin, eye brows, arms, bikini lines and other. It contains an 18 karat gold plated head that is hypo-allergenic and safe for all skin types. It is a dermatologist approved device plus it also contains a built in light for proper usage and complete elimination of hair. It is portable and can be used anywhere, can be carried in your travel bag or everyday purse. It comes with a 1AA battery and a head cleaning brush.

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How Does Finishing Touch Flawless Hair Remover Works?
Finishing touch flawless hair remover comes in a discreet lipstick tube shape. The tiny blade and machinery cannot be seen or heard. It is battery operated and can be used anywhere in just a few seconds. After turning on the device the 18- karat head containing the rotatory blade is moved over the skin area where hair might be present. It effectively removes all hair in just a few strokes leaving skin smooth and hair free. This leaves skin silky smooth for a flawless application of makeup.
What To Expect When Using Finishing Touch Flawless Hair Remover:
When using the finishing touch flawless hair remover one must remember that it is an upgrade of a shaver and this will not be responsible for complete or ultimate finishing of facial hair or body hair. The hair can only be completely be removed permanently by laser. All other methods provide a temporary solution to the problem.
The Good:

  • The hair remover comes in a discreet lipstick tube which makes it easier to carry and use anywhere.
  • The tiny rotatory blade provides effective elimination of hair in few strokes.
  • It is battery operated and hence can be easily used at any place.
  • Can be used every day
  • It is easy to clean after usage
  • It is safe to touch.
  • It is dermatological approved.
  • No irritation or redness occurs, and no cuts are formed.
The Bad:

  • The battery is a 1 AA type and can not be recharged.
  • The device is not waterproof.
  • Usage during shower or in bath should be avoided.
  • It is a shaver and will be required to use everyday or after a few days.
  • It is a temporary solution and not a permanent one for hair removal.
About Finishing Touch:
Finishing touch is a company that creates devices for skin care and beauty care. There are many different hair removing products created by finishing touch. They have different shapes and sizes for different target areas. Different products are featured on their respective websites. It provides online purchasing and delivery for the respective products and types.
Customer Service and Return policy:
The customer service is good and requires a time period of 10 days in case of too much rush on orders to process delivery and order transaction. It provides an address of the company for queries and returns. It also provides a helpline for any further assistance and guidance regarding the product, order information, delivery method, and order transaction. It also provides the tracking of your order and status of the delivery.
It does not cover sales tax, or surcharges to different areas and countries. It provides a 60 days money back guarantee. It also comes with a 10$ value coupon on delivery of products above 10$ . The return policy and money back guarantee does not include taxes refund, surcharge refund, packaging and handling refunds. This policy is only applicable to online purchased products and should be accompanied with the original receipt.

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The finishing touch flawless women’s painless hair remover device is good for everyday use and for hair of light color or in a small area. The darker the hair the more visible will be the hair where the hair remover is used. It is a type of shaver with a rotatory blade therefor there is a risk of having thicker hair or darker hair after several uses. Like men’s beard or shave the skin can get hard or thick or develop a green tint due to hair remaining inside the skin surface ( darker hair). However golden or very thin hair will not be visible or form a greenish skin surface. It is safe to use for a while and the area would be waxed or laser if hair is in large quantity. For immediate results it is a good option but not for long term or permanent hair removal. It has an affordable price which makes it a good option and also due to its discreet tube shape for use while traveling or out of town stays and visits.