Old Spice Red Zone Champion Body Wash For Womens

Old Spice Red Zone Champion body Wash Review

Most of the skin care products are created for women and target the female skin issues. Men are usually left with a few products and that too may not be meant for their rough and tough skin or hectic routine. To match the tough routine and daily odor problem Old Spice has come up with an 8 hours lasting body wash that guarantees to keep men odor free and energetic throughout the day. To check this claim we tried Old Spice Red Zone Champion body wash and tested if it stick to its 8 hours guarantee.

What Is Old Spice Red Zone Champion Body Wash ?

The Old Spice Red Zone Champion body wash is the unique fragrance in the red zone category. It offers 8 hours protection from dirt, sweat and odor. It kicks dirt off and keeps odor away. It provides deep pore cleansing and maintains a long lasting fragrance all day. The old spice champion body wash has a pleasant scent to it which sticks hours after the shower. It is created from harmless ingredients and provides cleansing to the rough skin. The red zone champion is created through harsh judging and testing limits due to which it is unique in its spice and sage smells. Old spice Red Zone Collection contains products which exude confidence and elegance. The champion body wash provides confidence of fresh looking and sweet-smelling body all day long.  

How does Old Spice Red Zone Champion Body Wash Works?

To achieve maximum cleansing and all day freshness, use Old Spice Red Zone Champion body wash in the morning followed with the old spice deodorant. Put a small amount of Champion body wash or shower gel in your hand, on the loofah or washcloth and work up a rich lather to clean your body. Focus on chest, armpits and all the main areas where sweat is produced. After cleaning, rinse off with fresh water. The scent from daily shower of Champions body wash will linger on your body throughout the day due to which the use of a strong deodorant or cologne is not necessary. It can be used daily!

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What to expect when using Old Spice Red Zone Champion Body Wash?

The Champion body wash comes in the Red Zone collection which contains many other products based on their unique scents like swagger, wolfthorne, aqua reef etc. The Champion body wash from Old Spice’s Red Zone collection has a spice and sage scent that lingers after shower unless a very strong perfume or cologne is used which might mask its fragrance.

The Good:

  • It has a scent that lingers all day.
  • It is not harsh and does not dry out skin
  • It keeps skin feeling fresh for 8 hours.
  • It works well for men’s rough and tough skin.
  • It provides deep pore cleansing and kicks off dirt easily.
  • It keeps you odorless.
  • It comes at a very affordable price.

The Bad:

  • It comes in a plastic bottle which is not of great quality.
  • It might have a scent too strong for some.
  • It is not easily and readily available in the market.

About Old Spice

Old Spice is a brand created by Proctor and Gamble which is the quintessential men’s grooming brand. It has been a number one American icon for more than 70 years. It has leveraged its heritage to become the number 1 best selling anti-perspirant and anti deodorant stick and body wash brand for men of all ages and groups. It is the authority on male grooming experience and is the leading brand for men’s skin care. Old Spice has a wide portfolio and product collection for men of all types including a variety of scents and collections for men of all stages and ages. It brings authenticity and confidence to male grooming. It caters a variety of skin care and health care products for men like body washes, deodorants, aftershaves, colognes, and body sprays.

Customer Care and Return Policy:

The customer care service provided by Old Spice brand and website is very simple. It offers a frequently asked questions section that contains most of the regular questions and their answers. For any further assistance and query, customers can send direct email through the instant emailing service or can call the help line provided on the website for personal queries and assistance.

It doesn’t offer a clear cut return policy or order tracking facilities. It is a brand handled by Proctor and Gamble. It can be purchased through online websites or through retailers and body shops. The website does not give any policy on its returning and refunding packages. The price of the Old Spice body wash is however very minimal which may not require returning and refunds. However the Old Spice website gives no direct or clear cut conditions and terms on exchange, return and refund packages.

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|The Hairy Truth About Old Spice Red Zone Champion Body Wash:

The price of the Old Spice Red Zone Champion body wash is very minimal about 4-5 dollars each. It can also be purchased in a pack of 6 body wash bottles. It has a pleasant sage and spicy scent which is great for men. It has a lingering scent that stays for 8 hours. It also offers deep pore cleansing and refreshing feel for 8 hours straight. It keeps odor away and maintains a sweat free refreshing skin throughout the day. It may have a strong scent for some. It is a great body wash that works well for rough and tough skin of men and provides great confidence and self esteem. It has passed our test of 8 hours freshness and deodorant. It also has a very affordable price tag which makes it a desirable bodywash to be used by men every day.