Puracy Natural Body Wash

Puracy Natural Body Wash Review

Puracy Natural Body Wash Review:

There are about 105 different brands of body wash, which makes it a difficult choice to search for the best one. Most people go for brands that are advertised on the TV or in the magazines. Some brands are listed among the top best lists on different sites and magazines. However, it is not necessary that the top brands will always give your skin the best it deserves. Every person has a different skin type and the products should always be chosen according to one’s own skin. Puracy Natural body wash for sensitive skin has however been proven to work better on different types of skin and provides great results too.

What is Puracy Natural Body Wash ?

Puracy natural body wash is a next generation formula created to provide premium quality shower gel to fight impurities and provide hydration at the same time. Puracy natural body wash is formulated by doctors, chemists, and scientists. It is a coconut based cleanser that provides rich and luxurious foam. It contains sea salt extracts that purify and balance the skin by making it 100% pure and clean. It also contains clinical grade moisturizers that hydrate the skin by making it supple. Puracy natural body wash is free from harmful chemicals like sulfates, paraben, phosphates, triclosans, animal by products, caustics, petroleum based ingredients, dyes, or perfumes etc. It is naturally derived hypoallergenic, vegan and biodegradable body wash. It is also cruelty free. The pink Himalayan salt works as an exfoliator without the harmful micro beads.

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Puracy Natural Body Wash Ingredients and How Works?

The Puracy natural body wash is designed by doctors for both men and women and can be used as shower gel, body wash or bubble bath. The citrus aromas brighten and enhance the bathing experience. The Puracy body wash is free from harmful chemicals and can be used by people with sensitive skin or skin conditions like dermatitis or eczema. It is also hypoallergenic and free from harmful chemicals making it safe for use and for children. It can be used daily due to its natural and mild ingredients without damaging the skin layer or causing dryness. Apply a small quantity to washed skin, loofah or washcloth and massage it into a rich foam. Lather the foam all over your body and rinse with fresh water. It leaves the skin feeling clean and fresh without damaging the upper skin layer or disbalancing the skin pH.

What to Expect When Using Puracy Natural Body Wash?

Body wash and shower gels usually leave a squeaky clean feeling which may feel like it has done its job right but in fact, it deprives skin of its natural moisture and disrupts the oil barrier of the skin leaving the upper skin layer damaged and in some cases it leads to irritation. Puracy Natural body wash claims to keep the oil barrier and skin layer intact and safe due to its natural ingredients and its hypoallergenic nature. Thus it gives a clean feel without damaging the skin layer.

The Good:

  • It is hypoallergenic and safe.
  • It is good for sensitive skin as well as eczema and dermatitis. 
  • It has a pleasant citrus aroma which leaves energetic and refreshing feel on the skin.
  • The pink Himalayan salt provides exfoliation for a cleaner feeling. 
  • It is free from chemicals and harmful by-products. 
  • It fights impurities and provides deep pore cleansing and detoxification. 
  • It hydrates the skin and maintains the moisture content of the skin. 
  • No dryness or redness occurs. 
  • Can be used as body shower gel .

The Bad:

  • It may require a separate moisturizer after shower for dry skin. 
  • Some may say the scent is a bit too strong. 
  • May cause slight irritation if skin condition is worse. 

About Puracy:

Puracy home essentials is a line of premium house hold products that are developed with care and great expertise by Ph. D doctors and chemist team. All of the products and latest formulas are created from natural plant ingredients, natural fragrances, and minerals. Puracy creates products that can be used safe around the house and are safe for pets, children and family. One of the main objective of Puracy’s natural and plant based products is the biodegradability of each formula, keeping environment safe and healthy. Puracy formulates product and has a main aim to produce products that are chemical free, cruelty free and free from petroleum or animal based ingredients. Puracy products are manufactured in USA.

Customer Service And Return Policy:

Puracy strives to provide best customer service along with same day shipping and world class product quality. It strives to achieve 100 % customer satisfaction. It is based in Texas and manufactures all of its products in USA and shipping in USA is same day and orders above 35$ are eligible for free express shipping. It provides an instant emailing column where queries and feedback can be given. For bulk purchases, wholesale purchasing, order inquiry, feedback, public relations, customer support different emailing address are provided which are replied within 12 hours of query. It also offers a helpline for direct assistance from customer care representative.

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For refund and returning policy the time period is 30 days after receiving the delivery package. The items should be in new condition and in original packaging to qualify for refunds. General refunds are accredited to the credited card used while purchasing in 24 hours after inspection of package and product. It should also accompany the original receipt of purchase clearly showing the purchase date and delivery date. Handling and shipping charges are non refundable. A support Email address is provided on the website to inquire about the returning parcel address and returning details along with issuance of RMA number.

The Hairy Truth About Puracy Natural body Wash:

Many body washes and shower gels leave a very tight and squeaky clean feeling after shower which might make the user regard them to be a great gel. However it is quite the contrary, the squeaky clean feel is due to the disruption of skin’s top layer that maintains the skin’s moisture content and balance. Puracy natural body wash protects this layer and keeps the skin hydrated. It provides balance and moisture to the skin and prevents dryness and redness. It provides a natural fragrance that lasts for a longer time. The citrusy aroma is also refreshing and pleasant. Puracy natural body wash for sensitive skin is created from natural ingredients and is hypoallergenic making it safe for people with very delicate and sensitive skin or people with skin conditions like dermatitis and eczema. It is safe for both men and women and even children. The Puracy Company provides a 30 days return and refund policy which allows users to exchange the product if not satisfied. It provides maximum results and cleans away impurities, provides deep pore cleansing, detoxification of the skin and exfoliates the skin for best results. We have found Puracy natural bodywash safe to use and widely suitable for all skin types, gender and ages. Making it a reliable and safe to use shower gel and body wash.