Rugged And Dapper Skin Fuel For Men

Rugged and dapper is a perfect skin fuel for men. It claims to clear out acne prone skin, remove dirt and revitalize the skin, providing it a glowing and clearer look. There are not many skin care companies that target men or create products that work wonders on men skin. Rugged and Dapper is the only Exfoliating scrub for men which aims to provide great quality skin care products for men’s skin to give them all the benefits of beautiful skin that women enjoy. But does it work for acne prone skin and removes impurities, dirt and dead skin? To test this claim we gave Rugged and Dapper face wash a go.

What is Rugged And Dapper power scrub?

The Rugged and Dapper power scrub contains willow bark that lifts the heavy dirt and cleanses the skin. It also includes burdock root, which is a natural astringent, and it helps reduce pore size. The properties of burdock root are similar to witch hazel, which is a blessing for skin. It clears out acne and evens out the skin tone and improves complexion. Aloe Vera also clears out acne, acne scars, and marks plus it also clears complexion. Vitamin C improves complexion and lightens skin color. It also includes palm oil, Shea butter, and green tea. These ingredients energize the skin, increase elasticity and reduce wrinkles.

How does it work?

The plant based exfoliants like burdock root and willow bark clear away dead skin cells, dirt, grime and impurities from the skin. While nutrients like vitamin C and Aloe Vera soothe the skin, improve skin tone and provide nourishment. In order to use this face wash, you must first wet your hands and face with warm water, pour a quarter size or pea-sized amount of cleanser scrub and work it into lather. Now apply this lather on face and move in it circular motion. Afterwards rinse thoroughly. This can be used in the morning before shaving and at night to cleanse skin.

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What to expect when using Rugged and Dapper Power Scrub?

When using Rugged and Dapper power scrub one must remember to check the ingredients and allergies from any of the ingredients. Care should be exercised when using the power scrub for the first time. The scrub and cleanser should be tested on a patch of inner wrist before using it on the face. This patch test reveals if the product is okay for you or not.

The Good:

·         It removes dirt, grime, and impurities.
·         It exfoliates dead skin cells and rejuvenates skin.
·         It provides nourishment to the skin while enhancing the skin tone.
·         It is a great face scrub for oily skin and doesn’t cause too much dryness. 
·         It is a great scrub for tough men’s skin.
·         It reduces acne and clears scars and acne prone skin.

The Bad:

·         It might cause irritation in the beginning.
·         It might cause redness and might be aggressive for sensitive skin.
·         It is little pricey.

About Rugged and Dapper:

Rugged and Dapper was founded in Los Angeles, California by a married couple Ryan and Janine Labaqui. Together they founded the Skin fuel collection made proudly in USA. It utilizes premium, natural and organic ingredients. These products do not contain toxic and harmful chemicals like other products available. The products are created to cater to men’s tough skin and routine. It aims to provide men with luxury skin care products at an affordable rate so that they look like true gentlemen. It provides skin care products for men to look dapper and sharper. This collection includes power scrub, Exfoliating face Mask, face washes, face cleanser, and after shave products.

Customer Service and Return Policy:

The customer service provides an emailing address for customers to send any query regarding products, orders, shipment, returns or any other inquiry. It also provides a telephone number for further assistance. It can be contacted any time and the customer care representative will guide the customers according to their query and questions. It includes a FAQ’s page, which contains most of the frequently asked questions and their answers for immediate guidance to customers. However if the customer is still confused or has any query they can contact directly to the customer care representative.

The returning Policy allows the customers to return products within 60 days from purchase. 60 days time period is reasonable for coming to a decision and conclusion if the power scrub works for you or not. After returning the products, a full refund is sent through the original payment method. The refunds however are investigated and confirmed after receiving the products. An email notification is sent about the acceptance or declining of the refund. It does not include the shipping and handling cost.

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The Hairy Truth about Rugged And Dapper Power Scrub:

It is a great power scrub and face cleanser for men. It stands true to its aims and claims. It provides a clearer and fresher looking skin after several uses. The results become visible in about 2 weeks. The skin becomes clear, the acne breakouts subside. If the underlying cause of acne is something else then it may not go away only with the use of Power scrub by rugged and dapper. In this case customer should refer to a competent dermatologist. Apart from this the product is affordable and lasts longer. It is safe to be used twice daily. This product has a subtle sweet smell. It is free of harmful chemicals and toxins. We found Rugged and Dapper power scrub and facial cleanser to be the best exfoliator for face, that provides the extra edge and a dapper look to the true gentlemen.