REKZE 24 Anti Hair Loss Treatment


Rekze 24 anti hair loss treatment is a serum created for hair loss reduction in men and women. Hair loss is a growing concern in everyday life and a big issue in skin care and hair care department. Many have failed to achieve a permanent or reliable solution to hair loss and hair growth issues. Many products claim to be the ultimate solution for hair loss and hair fall problems. To find out the claims of Rekze 24 serum we tried it for several days and witnessed its effects first hand.

What is Rekze 24 anti hair loss serum?

The Rekze 24 hair loss treatment and hair growth stimulating serum contains essential ingredients that stimulate new hair growth and energizes the scalp. It also adds thickness to hair, contributes to hair fortification of the roots, frees your scalp from dead cells, blocked follicles, and stimulates healthy hair growth. 24 serum stimulate cell metabolism through DHT blocking mechanism. It treats alopecia and reduces hair loss. Continuous use and treatment with 24 serum helps provide a younger looking scalp and strengthens hair cuticles and hair from with in. It is free from harsh and harmful chemicals and therefore does not cause irritation, allergy, or dermatitis.

How does Rekze 24 anti hair loss serum works?

The Rekze 24 hair loss serum works by blocking DHT receptors and enhancing hair follicle and hair growth. It stops hair loss from worsening and promotes new hair growth. Shake well before use every time. The serum should be applied in about 1 ml quantity, which equals to about 5-10 sprays directly on scalp in the area where hair loss and hair thinning have started. It should be used twice daily, for about 3-4 months for signs to be prominent and visible. After first results are noticed keep using the serum until complete results are obtained.

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What to expect when using Rekze 24 anti hair loss treatment serum?

The 24 anti hair loss serum by Rekze laboratories contains about 24 different ingredients that target hair follicles and improve hair growth. If the hair thinning and shedding is due to any genetic problem then continue the dose for about 7-8 months. If the cause of hair loss is any other factor than does can be discontinued after desired results.

The Good:

  • It is great for both men and women.
  • It works equally well for color treated hair.
  • It provides stronger and thicker hair after several uses.
  • It renews the growth in bald spots and hair loss areas.
  • It stimulates growth of new follicles and rejuvenates and energizes scalp.
  • It is great for hair strengthening and hair thinning treatments.

The Bad:

  • Allow the serum or lotion to dry completely before bed.
  • It must be used with great care in daylight and must not be wet before going out.
  • It might cause irritation, if allergic to some components.

About Rekze laboratories:

Rekze laboratories is a private company that has created a category and hair care product line. This hair care line targets hair loss problems and stimulates hair growth. This product line contains all essential hair care requirements including serum, shampoo, conditioner, mask and scalp wipes. This is a private company having two entities in USA and UK known as Rekze laboratories LLC and Rekze Laboratories Ltd respectively. These are private held companies that have created unique over the counter hair care product line that works where others fail to provide any results.

Customer Service and Return Policy:

The Rekze laboratories have two entities in USA and UK. These products are created in Italy. Each company provides a satisfactory customer care service where order shipment and tracking can be done online. It also contains frequently asked questions section where most common questions and their answers are provided for instant query response. It also provides a help line number where further assistance can be asked through customer care representatives. An emailing address is also provided for detailed queries and questions.

Rekze Laboratories provide a 100% money back guarantee and refund assurance with out any questions being asked. If a customer is not satisfied with the results of 24 serum they can easily get a refund without any questions or detailed investigations. The refunds will not include shipping and handling cost and restocking fee, which is 20% of the product price. The remaining amount will be added to the credited card used for purchase. The returning and refund time duration is about 30 days from the receiving of order.

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Hairy Truth About Rekze 24 Anti Hair Loss Treatment:

This serum ahs a n overwhelming response from all of its customers. It also provided optimum results and a visible growth and strength to our hair during testing. IT regenerated new hair growth from hair thinning areas and prevents hair loss of already present hair. We noticed visible healthy and strong hair that is full of life and bouncy. This serum also improves scalp health and condition and removes all dead skin cells, and exfoliates scalp for renewal of hair follicles. This serum contains 24 ingredients all targeting hair growth and prevention of hair loss. It also comes with a 100 % money back guarantee even if the bottle is completely empty. The time duration for refunds is 30 days from receiving of order, which is slightly less as compared to the 2-3 months use for visible growth and improvement signs. 30 days time period is less to come to a conclusion and this is the only back draw we found with this serum. It stands true to its claim for preventing hair loss and renewal of hair form balding and hair thinning spots. Apart from this, this serum does have that magical aspect to it which others fail to provide.