Carol’s Daughter Monoi Hair Repairing Conditioner

Carol’s Daughter Monoi Repairing conditioner is an intense repairing conditioner that revives the lifeless hair, the damaged ends and split ends. It restores the chemically treated, and delicate hair. Some have said that it works but does it treat and restore damaged hair in a few washes? To see if the product actually works I tried Monoi repairing conditioner alone and with its shampoo.
What is Carol’s Daughter Monoi Repairing Conditioner?
Monoi repairing conditioner is used and targeted to treat damaged hair and restore them to their former glory. It reduces split ends and nourishes the scalp. The damaged hair conditioner by Carol’s Daughter is also effective for chemically treated, dyed, and delicate hair, roots, and tips. The stronger your hair is, the longer it will grow with the help of monoi oil. It contains rejuvenating monoi oil which is a nourishing blend of Tahitian Tiare Gardenia flower, Coconut oil, Pro vitamin B5, and a replenishing amount of bamboo water. It strengthens the hair roots and reduces hair fall and breakage.
How Monoi Repairing Conditioner Works?
The monoi repairing conditioner is used after shampooing with monoi repairing shampoo. It is gently massaged into the scalp and along wet hair including the tips. Leave conditioner in for about 3-5 minutes after which it is rinsed thoroughly. The monoi repairing conditioner is recommended to use with other monoi repairing products for maximum results including shampoo, hair mask and serum.
What Should You Expect When Using Monoi Repairing Conditioner?
When you are using the repairing conditioner you should expect the results after couple of washes, not immediately. Some of monoi repairing conditioner reviews may say that the results are visible immediately but it is best to use for a week before reaching the conclusion whether it works for your hair type or not.
The Good:
  • After couple of washes it reduces the damaged hair and gives it a silky touch.
  • The heat treated and damaged hair also gets restored with its use.
  • The use of monoi repairing conditioner also reduces hair fall noticeably after 5 uses.
  • It is unisex repairing conditioner and can be used by both man and woman.
The Bad:
  • It has a distinctive smell that some women may not find pleasing.
  • It can cause itching or irritation to people having sensitive scalp.
  • The bottle design and usage is not very neat as some of the product gets stuck in the cap.
  • Some customer’s have seen no results after several washes.
About Carol’s Daughter:
Carol’s daughter is Lisa Price, a woman who loved fragrances and the passion of fragrance led her to create the good-for-you products for her family and friends. She used the recipes and irresistible smells from her Nana’s kitchen.  Later she started it as a business, using her Nana’s recipes for creating the best and useful products from original ingredients. She dedicated the name of her new business to her Nana who was the inspiration behind all the natural ingredients. She has a vast range of skin care products, hair care products, and body care products.
Customer Service and Return Policy:
The customer service of Carol’s Daughter offers return only to products that are purchased through their website. They do not provide this service to buyers through other websites. They provide a 30 day return time period from the date of purchase of the item. The refunds are processed after 7-10 days of receiving the product and the card used for the purchase is credited afterwards. It provides a contact number for their customer services department and an address for the return of the products.
The products that are purchased in a set cannot be returned individually; neither are the gift items subject to refund policies. Gift cards, friends of the family, loyalty membership, and product samples are also not subject to return and refund policies. The customer service provides assistance if the shipped product or merchandise is damaged in transit.
The Hairy Truth about The Carol’s Daughter Monoi Repairing Conditioner:
The customers should always dig deeper to find the best repairing conditioner for damaged hair that actually works. The monoi repairing conditioner has shown positive results for many people including me. It restores the hair that was damaged by hair coloring, hair styling, heating tools, and chemically straightening.  It is formulated with natural ingredients and does not contain harmful substances like paraben, petroleum, mineral oils, or artificial coloring which makes it safer to use.
Some may find this product ineffective depending on their hair type and magnitude of damaged hair. It is safe to use for any skin type and has very little side effects compared to artificial and chemical conditioners. The return policy is also satisfactory as it gives about 30 days to test the product and check the desired outcome before returning it. The monoi repairing conditioner is best when used with monoi repairing set which includes serum, hair mask and repairing shampoo to get the best results.