Kingdom Cares Hair Straightener Comb Brush

Kingdom Cares Hair Straightener Comb Brush Review:
Kingdom cares hair straightener comb brush is one famous for being a high end designed brush that helps achieve stylish and fashionable hair in  little time. It has more features than ordinary straightening brushes and straightening irons. It claims to be anti scalding, anti static and anti damaging. It claims to keep hair healthy and shiny. To find out if it stand true to its claim we tried it out on dry, curly, thick and thin hair, to see results on every hair type. These were our findings regarding kingdom cares hair straightener comb brush.
What is Kingdom Cares Hair Straightener Comb Brush?
Kingdom cares hair straightener comb brush is designed with thoughtful and reasonable temperature settings which prevents burning or scalding during use. This prevents heat damage to hair and scalp. It has a warm massage setting which massages scalp and increases blood supply. Scalp massages result in healthier and thicker hair.  It is a multi functional hair straightener that straightens as well as curls hair. It is easy to use and has different temperature settings according to hair type. It has a combination of 3 technologies; a hair massager, a PTC ( precise temperature coefficient) ceramic heating components straightener, and 23 ceramic heating pieces comb. This combination provides quicker and effective straightening and heating of the comb. It also contains an automatic shut off system which turns off the heating comb after idle time or over heating.
How does Kingdom Cares Hair Straightener Comb Brush Works?
Kingdom cares hair straightener comb brush should be used on dry and previously combed hair to achieve maximum results. Keep hair dry and neatly groomed before using. Turn it on and choose your desired temperature setting according to your hair type. Use straightener brush just like everyday comb and use it on sections of hair and from inward to equally straighten all hair. The Straightener comb brush automatically turns off after 15 minutes of idle time for safety. The 360° swivel cord makes it easy to use and manage on yourself.
What To Expect When Using Kingdom Cares Hair Straightener Comb Brush?
When using the kingdom cares hair straightener comb brush you should take care to use settings according to your hair type. It has an anti scalding and anti damaging assurance, that should be kept in mind while using the comb. It does not come with a heat resistance glove and care should be taken when using this comb brush.
The Good :
  •  It protects hair from heat damage and prevents breakage.
  • It has a scalp massager which provides nourishment to the scalp and relaxing effect.
  • It tones down frizz and straightens hair in an average of 5 minutes.
  • It keeps hair shiny and smooth after straightening.
  • It gives salon and professional quality results.
  • It has an affordable price and is easy to use at home.
  • It has a 7.9 inch long plate which decreases operation time and provides uniform heat to a large hair section.

The Bad:
  • It can not be used on wet hair.
  • If used on wet hair it can cause burning or damage to hair.
  • It requires neatly groomed and dry hair before using.
  • If the temperature setting is not correct it can scald or burn your hair.
  • If the comb is set on a higher setting, it will burn your hair and damage them.

About Kingdom Cares:
Kingdom cares is a subsidiary branch of kingdom. Kingdom cares has been a dedicated company that develops, designs, and manufactures beauty care and skin care products. It has been creating products since 1999. It is now a leading brand in china market of electrical skin care appliances. Kingdom cares provides a large variety of series of beauty care and skin care products as daily beauty care routine kits. It has a brand concept and passion of creating and inventing latest high quality products and appliances with every passing day.
Customer Service and Return Policy:
The customer service area is not categorized with the details, However an inquiry box with email address option is present. Customers can leave queries and complaints in the box and the customer service team directly communicates with the customer through email address. It offers a factory address on the website for any exchanges, or returns. It also offers a help line for any further or personal immediate assistance, if required. The contact us page contains a detailed query box which can be accessed for complains, tracking orders, order query, return, exchange and repair assistance.
The company does not provide a clear return policy or a money back guarantee time period. IT however does provide assistance if needed in exchange of a product, repair of a product or returning of a product if they deem fit to it.
Hairy Truth About Kingdom Cares Hair Straightener Comb brush:
This is one of the best hair straightening combs available in the market. But like many good products it also has a few tiny problems. It does not come with a money back guarantee or a return policy detailing a returning time period. So the question of return, exchange and repair is not clear. It offers to give assistance in any case when approached by the customers but doe not have a strict policy. The hair straightening comb brush can not be used on wet hair, so to use the brush you should either wait for your hair to dry or use a blow dryer after which you can use the comb brush. This makes it not a useful product in a time of rush or emergency hair straightening. The temperature setting is very important to keep in mind if the setting is too high it can cause burning or scalding of your hair and scalp. Apart from these few glitches int he benefits of the straightener comb brush it is useful on dry and neatly groomed hair and provides anti burn and anti scalding straightening on right temperatures. It provides shiny and smooth hair after use and tones down frizz in few minutes. It comes with an automatic shut off system which ensures safety and security.  The price is affordable and results are good so money back guarantee should not be a worrying concern. Overall this product gets  4 stars from us, minus one star on the glitches.